Sunday, August 8, 2010

Replacing school with World or Warcraft?

So, James Gee says school should be more like games.

Bruce Everiss says games are going to replace school. (Or at least, classrooms and teachers as we know them now.) Using systems such as, which personalize the rate of learning and review of information to each student.

Personally, I think looks interesting for learning factual knowledge at the remember/recall level... not sure about any of the higher orders of the taxonomy. Bruce thinks teachers will evolve into mentors as students move into the real world and try to apply their computer-taught knowledge.

What do you think?


  1. I would love to see a student adapted computer program! I will look at the student .fm, and see if they really seem to have all the personalized learning down. With all of the intervening stimuli that threaten students attention to task that we learned about: twitter, IM, facebook updates, blog posts, youtube distractions, cable TV, iTunes and maybe even talking on the phone- how will all this be screened out so that the multi-tasking information retention problem is negated?
    I would love the review of information reveiw, especially since my notes are very hard to decipher.
    The student as mentor is certainly something I will try to tap into when teaching.

  2. This looks really interesting. As it is, I'm planning on getting a Wii when the kids are a little older so that they get some exercise in, so why not video games for academic learning?

  3. I think games for factual learning is as old as Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandeigo, and there probably will be some pretty fun ones available by the time your kids are at the right age. I'm not sure how helpful they'll be for helping kids learn how to analyze and think critically and undertake complex projects.