Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lights, Camera, Action!

I really enjoyed the last half hour of the workshop today, when we did the constant velocity "action movie shot" practicum lab.  I've done a much less exciting "race prediction" version of this with my constant velocity buggies, and even that was fun,  But the variation on the different scenarios and the dramatic window dressing made it a lot more fun and funny, as well as more challenging in applying the different concepts for this unit.  I will definitely try to incorporate the "Chase Scene", "Get Away Crash", and "Blind Collision" scenarios and the "We have to get the perfect shot the first time -- if you get it, you're a Hero, if not you're a Bum who's never work in this town again!".  

Practicum labs in general seem like a cool, fun tool for application, extension, and assessment that I've underutilized.  I hope we do more of them.

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